Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yesterday I had a plan to start journalling by doing an inspiration journal of ideas and techniques. I spent many happy hours browsing blogs and online journalling resources and my plan changed as the day went on. I found loads of ideas and techniques I wanted to try so late on in the afternoon I popped of into town to get some supplies. Yes I know I have loads already but I really needed some more paints and some storaage for my journalling supplies. When I got home I reorganised my craft space to make it more workable. See pic of my new craft area.

So by now its like 11.30 pm and I have researched, shopped and organised but still not put paint to paper. Am I stalling, no I don't think. My head was buzzing with Ideas and plans. I had a look at the journals I had bought and (this is the new plan) decided on the themes for my Journals. Yes Jounals with an "S". I have 5, so much for starting slowly with just and ideas Journal. I think this is actually a good plan because as I am taking part in "Art Journal Every Day" (see link to the right) I thought if I had a few Journals on the go I wouldnt be stuck for something to do IYKWIM.

So I got upthis morning full of enthusiasm and raring to go. Hers my desk with a work in
progress to prove it.

And I finally made my first page in a Journal. My previous attempts have all been on loose bits of paper - just in case they were awful - i didnt want to "ruin" one of my lovely books. After reading so many blogs yeasterday I realised that I couldnt ruin a journal page even if I wanted to. I also realised it didnt matter if I am not an artist or mega talented. I wanted to Art Journal. I think this is the hobby I have been searching for its almost as good as therapy.

So here is my page -its called "JUST DO IT" the little birds are were designed and shared by Bernice on UK Scrappers. I hope you like it - but with my new found confidence...its OK if you don't.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sorry I have been AWOL for so long, but those of you who know me will know why and forgive me.

So I have a plan to heal myself, and that is to start an Art Journal. I have been dithering about this for so long but today I discovered a fabulous link to Art Journal Everyday. (Theres a link at the very top of my blog page in the right hand column - Check it out)

I am posting my intention here to help me focus and hopefully keep me on track.

I have thought about doing an Art Journal for so long but put it off for 2 reasons, i think I am not talented enough and my life is pretty dull, what would I write about every day. I finally came up with a plan that will hopefully solve both of the issues. My Journal is going be all about Crafty inspiration and ideas I can collect along the way and will hopefully build over the weeks into a really useful resource.