Sunday, 3 July 2011

30 Days of get your art on Day

Today I worked on the covers of a composition book.

30 Days of get your art on Day 1

I am playing along with Traci, click the button in the side bar and here's what I did for day 1. The background has been done for a while. Today I added the image and the journalling.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 5

Still going strong. Day 5 was ingrids class all out mandalas and dreamboards. The Journaling for this page is hidden under a couple of flaps

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 4

Today was about writing styles, something I was really keen and eager to try. Thank you to Silky Hart for her Paint Writing tutorial

Day 3

3 days on the trot, a record for me lol. So far so good.

These are some of the project completed for Alma Stoller'sChilds Play Workshop. If you havent joined 21 Secrets yet, what are you waiting for.

The plan for this class is to create background papers or collage fodder using found object and recycled magazines.

I Created backgrounds with gel medium and gesso over recycled magazine pages

I made and used some stamps

These are the pages using gesso to stencil and create a resist

Day 2

The next class that I completed on my Journey was Improvisation Station by Natasha Reilly, who is so totally inspirational

Day 1

I have signed up for the 21 secrets Art Journal Classes to help me on my way to Art Journal Every Day.

The First class I did was Urban Layer Cake, the super talented Instructor for this Class was Tammy Garcia

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 2

30 Days of lists

I have decided to take part in the 30 days of Lists challenge. There is a button in my side bar if you would like to play along. A very nice lady in the US sent me a composition book, thank you so much, the only problem is now I have one in the flesh as it were, I want more, i love these books.

Anyway I altered the front cover and will be using this book for my 30 days of lists pages and when the 30 days are up I want to continue with the lists. I have always been a compulisive list writer from christmas lists, holiday packing lists, you name it I list it, ecept shopping lists, for some reason I never take list with me when I go grocery shopping.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yesterday I had a plan to start journalling by doing an inspiration journal of ideas and techniques. I spent many happy hours browsing blogs and online journalling resources and my plan changed as the day went on. I found loads of ideas and techniques I wanted to try so late on in the afternoon I popped of into town to get some supplies. Yes I know I have loads already but I really needed some more paints and some storaage for my journalling supplies. When I got home I reorganised my craft space to make it more workable. See pic of my new craft area.

So by now its like 11.30 pm and I have researched, shopped and organised but still not put paint to paper. Am I stalling, no I don't think. My head was buzzing with Ideas and plans. I had a look at the journals I had bought and (this is the new plan) decided on the themes for my Journals. Yes Jounals with an "S". I have 5, so much for starting slowly with just and ideas Journal. I think this is actually a good plan because as I am taking part in "Art Journal Every Day" (see link to the right) I thought if I had a few Journals on the go I wouldnt be stuck for something to do IYKWIM.

So I got upthis morning full of enthusiasm and raring to go. Hers my desk with a work in
progress to prove it.

And I finally made my first page in a Journal. My previous attempts have all been on loose bits of paper - just in case they were awful - i didnt want to "ruin" one of my lovely books. After reading so many blogs yeasterday I realised that I couldnt ruin a journal page even if I wanted to. I also realised it didnt matter if I am not an artist or mega talented. I wanted to Art Journal. I think this is the hobby I have been searching for its almost as good as therapy.

So here is my page -its called "JUST DO IT" the little birds are were designed and shared by Bernice on UK Scrappers. I hope you like it - but with my new found confidence...its OK if you don't.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sorry I have been AWOL for so long, but those of you who know me will know why and forgive me.

So I have a plan to heal myself, and that is to start an Art Journal. I have been dithering about this for so long but today I discovered a fabulous link to Art Journal Everyday. (Theres a link at the very top of my blog page in the right hand column - Check it out)

I am posting my intention here to help me focus and hopefully keep me on track.

I have thought about doing an Art Journal for so long but put it off for 2 reasons, i think I am not talented enough and my life is pretty dull, what would I write about every day. I finally came up with a plan that will hopefully solve both of the issues. My Journal is going be all about Crafty inspiration and ideas I can collect along the way and will hopefully build over the weeks into a really useful resource.