Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 4

Today was about writing styles, something I was really keen and eager to try. Thank you to Silky Hart for her Paint Writing tutorial

Day 3

3 days on the trot, a record for me lol. So far so good.

These are some of the project completed for Alma Stoller'sChilds Play Workshop. If you havent joined 21 Secrets yet, what are you waiting for.

The plan for this class is to create background papers or collage fodder using found object and recycled magazines.

I Created backgrounds with gel medium and gesso over recycled magazine pages

I made and used some stamps

These are the pages using gesso to stencil and create a resist

Day 2

The next class that I completed on my Journey was Improvisation Station by Natasha Reilly, who is so totally inspirational

Day 1

I have signed up for the 21 secrets Art Journal Classes to help me on my way to Art Journal Every Day.

The First class I did was Urban Layer Cake, the super talented Instructor for this Class was Tammy Garcia

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 2

30 Days of lists

I have decided to take part in the 30 days of Lists challenge. There is a button in my side bar if you would like to play along. A very nice lady in the US sent me a composition book, thank you so much, the only problem is now I have one in the flesh as it were, I want more, i love these books.

Anyway I altered the front cover and will be using this book for my 30 days of lists pages and when the 30 days are up I want to continue with the lists. I have always been a compulisive list writer from christmas lists, holiday packing lists, you name it I list it, ecept shopping lists, for some reason I never take list with me when I go grocery shopping.