Friday, 27 March 2009

40 match box drawers complete

Here are my finished matchbox drawers. I finally managed to get then out to attach the handles and I am quite please with the results

These picture are for the CJ I am in at the moment. Biskit, I hope you like them. Page 2 has a little minibook inside with my weekly food menu. There is a different take away on each page, one for eah day of the week except Sunday. I not telling what is on Sunday though as I want it to be a surprise for the CJ owner whan it gets home around October.


  1. wow, those drawers look FAB!! love them xx

  2. you have the same attitude to cooking as me :D

  3. I love it. Can't wait until it comes home I can see what you have on sundays!LOL. Thank you for sharing it.